Mural Mockups

These are just a few potential mural designs to give an idea of what is possible for your wall, although anything is possible and we can work to create something unique for your business. (You can also browse previous works on canvas here as well as on my Instagram.) Please see below for a brief overview of basic info regarding getting a mural started. 

Basic Info

-Average price for an original wall mural is $10/sq FT plus material costs. (Ex. a 10'x10' wall would be 100sq FT x $10 = $1000. Materials average around $100)

-Turnaround time will vary based on size and allotted access to business. (Allowing me access during after hours is most efficient, as I will be able to work faster, and not be in the way during open hours) Turnaround for initial mockup is 1 week from confirmation. 

-Once designs are decided on and confirmed I allow for 2 MAJOR changes before paint starts to go up. (This is for big changes such as swapping out a massive component or an entire scene change, basic color swaps and other small changes are allowed) 

-Payment is handled 50/50. Half deposit is required upfront and the rest on completion of the work. 

-Ladders, scaffolding, or any equipment required to safely work on the wall must be provided by the client/business/building owner.